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9 and 10 November 2009

For the first time in Tula on the basis of the Tula State University, conducted th Conference with the elements of a scientific school for young people «Cell research and technology in modern biomedicine».

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Dear visitor!

We are glad to greet you on our Institute’s site. Of course, on-line communication is hardly as valuable as an immediate contact; however, we understand that sometimes we all can lack time, because we are living in the times of a dynamically and intensively developing world; that is why we have attempted to give you as much information as we can.

On our web pages, you will find information on our Institute’s history, which was founded in 1992 and has been vigorously functioning since then.

You will learn what our focuses and achievements are. We hope that scientific papers by our staff members and practitioners’ publications in Journal of New Medicine Technologies will be of some interest to you; we are co-founders of this journal jointly with Tula State University. The journal has been accredited by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, and therefore, might be useful for researchers defending their theses.

We have set to ourselves a number of problems on development of new medical technologies and their implementation into everyday clinical practice, and we do well understand that the way we took is not a well-asphalted highway, but rather an inconspicuous path through a tangled wood; however, it is the challenge that motivates and helps our hard work.

We are interested in helping and promoting young medical and biological professionals’ careers, and in uniting those who are not indifferent to development of medicine and science at large in our country. We are ready to help you with registry of your intellectual property rights and with promoting your methods and methodologies of patients’ treatment.

We are open to new contacts, and you may always write us a message or simply dial our Institute’s phone number: I am sure that we will find something in common, even if it is common problems—in this case, we will find an answer.

Yours faithfully, Denis Ivanov
Director of State Unitary Enterprise of Tula Region «The Scientific Research Institute for New Medical Technologies»

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