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Journal of New Medical Technologies

Journal of New Medical Technologies. Over the years, the magazine firmly taken its place among the central publications on biomedical and medical-technical topics. It is distributed in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Turkmenistan. They know what «Herald» in the U.S., Germany, France, Israel and other countries. VNMT — is a magazine for managers of health, doctors and academics, for representatives of all engineering disciplines, physicists, mathematicians, computer science, pharmacists, chemists, psychologists, religious leaders of different faiths. VNMT magazine, published since 1994, is a periodic theoretical and practical scientific journal, registered with the RF Committee for printing a certificate of registration number 012723 dated July 7, 1994 The stated theme — new medical diagnostic technologies, treatment, healthcare, technical instruments and devices in medicine, the results of clinical trials of these technologies in medicine.

Frequency of Issue — 1 time per quarter; magazine is distributed:

  1. Through the agency «stall», the journal is included in the catalog of the agency «stall», the subscription code number 72895. Since 1999 Journal of LBW included in the catalog «Russian newspapers & magazines-1999». Israel, Australia, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Mongolia and others, which extends the directory.
  2. Mandatory Notification.
  3. For all Russia’s major scientific and medical libraries, Institute of Medico-biological and other official agencies.
  4. Through representation at national and international conferences, congresses and symposia.
  5. Through the exchange of publications with other editions of a similar profile.

Every year, each of the 4 issues of the journal ranges from 132 to 176 pages of text, representing a year more than 300 authors, including from near and far abroad (USA, France, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, etc.), within 15% — before the publication of the various sections of pulmonology.

Publication in Russia of the Academy of Natural History: 26
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